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The University of Applied Arts Vienna

More than 2,000 students, many of them from abroad, study at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Die Angewandte, which was founded in 1867. Die Angewandte is an institution with a long tradition that has played a key role in the development of Vienna’s and Austria’s cultural and intellectual identity. Today it is one of the world’s most important art universities, offering a wide-ranging spectrum of programmes. It plays a pioneering role in many new fields, such as transmedia and transdisciplinary art, art and science, social design and artistic research. The increasing linking of various disciplines, to which Die Angewandte is continually adapting with new interdisciplinary programmes, offers students a great diversity of possibilities for designing their own individual course of study. Each student’s progress through the wide spectrum of learning opportunities is closely accompanied by advisors and instructors from a variety of fields of art, science and scholarship. In addition to transmitting artistic and scientific competence, all programmes of study aim to promote critical reflection and encourage independent action, enabling university graduates to make significant contributions to the further development of our society.

City of Vienna

Worldwide, Vienna numbers among the cities with the highest quality of life. The city on the Danube, surrounded by the Vienna woods and hillside vineyards, is located in the Vienna Basin, which links the Eastern Alps and the Western Carpathian Mountains. The former Habsburg capital is widely known as the historic city of music and Viennese Modernism. Today a fresh wind is blowing through Vienna’s urban environment, which is enlivened by a thriving art, design and architecture scene. Transdisciplinary activities, networks, initiatives and cooperation reaching far beyond the bounds of conventional artistic categories, festivals of contemporary art and museums with open doors for young art, characterize Vienna’s cultural identity today. The urban space is a collaborative laboratory for manifold creative niches, for a plurality of styles, living spaces and perspectives.

MuseumsQuartier Wien

The MuseumsQuartier Wien, the MQ, is one of the world’s largest and most transdisciplinary complexes for modern art and culture. It is home to nine museums and venues for fine arts and performing arts, music, fashion, design, children’s culture, architecture and digital culture. It also is a habitat populated by more than 60 culture initiatives. The MuseumsQuartier is an urban hub and meeting point for many cultural enthusiasts.

Architecturally, Baroque mixes with new structures and contemporary arts – for example in the Electric Avenue of quartier21, where the university’s Department of Digital Art often exhibits. Even early on, at the opening of the MQ in 2001, the leitmotif was “Baroque meets Cyberspace”. Since then the idea of culturally linking the new and the old has characterized the MQ. In this respect it represents Vienna’s contemporary cultural environment with an accent on new – and even radical – developments arising from this symbiosis.

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