Fifteen Statements Polling Results

The three sub-themes of the 12th ELIA Biennial Conference - Art Questions, Art Knows, Art Matters - were chosen to provoke discussion and thoughts that have the potential to shape Higher Arts Education in the future. Following this mission we invited conference participants to respond to a list of statements to provoke conversation and initiate alternative thinking.

We asked participants to pick a maximum of seven statements out of fifteen that they felt were of importance. The following are the results of this polling with the statements listed in order of importance as indicated by the combined votes (please note an asterik indicates a tie for placing):

  • FIRST PLACE Statement 10: Art making supports independent thinking and enables to see and show the world in new and unexpected ways.
  • SECOND PLACE Statement 3: Higher Arts Education should reclaim the role of being a leading factor for social change beyond economic growth.
  • THIRD PLACE* Statement 12: Freedom of the arts and freedom of Higher Arts Education are radical preconditions for our social, economic and cultural wellbeing.
  • THIRD PLACE* Statement 13: Art and art making can contribute to knowledge through their own methods of thinking and production.
  • FOURTH PLACE* Statement 1: The crisis of our market-oriented economic and social systems calls for a repositioning of the arts and Higher Arts Education within society.
  • FOURTH PLACE* Statement 11: The jobs, careers and businesses of the future have not been invented yet; students need to be equipped with the necessary capabilities to design their own future and the future of our societies.
  • FIFTH PLACE* Statement 7: Higher Arts Education contributes to the understanding of world with the experience as being different and living differences.
  • FIFTH PLACE* Statement 8: Higher Arts Education provides students with a wide range of skills which reach further than the arts itself.
  • SIXTH PLACE Statement 14: Institutes of Higher Arts Education need to be equipped with appropriate means to undertake research and equivalent activities.
  • SEVENTH PLACE* Statement 2: Higher Arts Education has proven to be vital for the economy and creative industries.
  • SEVENTH PLACE* Statement 5: Higher Arts Education promotes a highly individual approach to learning which values time as a condition for constantly evolving intellectual and emotional maturity.


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