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Museums Guided Tours

On Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday guided tours of the museums of the MuseumsQuartier will be offered to the Conference participants free of charge. Registration in advance is requested vie the online conference registration form. Because of limited availability, we cannot guarantee you will be assigned your preferred tour. Assignments are made on a first registered, first assigned basis.

Please find here below a list of the Museums and link to their webpages:

mumok – Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wienmuseum features 4.800 square meters of exhibition space for the main works of the collection of modern and contemporary art.

KUNSTHALLE wien : beside few public projects and workshops, a new exhibition on Marina Abramovic will be showing.

Leopold Museum owns the largest collection in the World of Egon Schiele and it will host an exhibition on Melancholy and Provocation, in occasion of its tenth anniversary.


Following welcome speeches from the organisers, Brigitte Jank, President of the Austrian Economic Chamber and representatives of the Federal Government, a live performance will open the ELIA Biennial Conference 2012.

Dinner Reception at the Vienna City Hall

On Thursday evening, participants of the conference are invited to attend the Buffet Dinner Reception at the City Hall of Vienna
(Festhall - Entrance: 1010 Vienna, Lichtenfelsgasse 2, Feststiege I)
An official invitation will be distributed at the registrations to the Conference delegates.


On Friday night you’ll have the opportunity to meet, dance and relax during a live music event organized in the Hofstallung of the MUMOK.
Please notice an additional 20 EURO fee is required and it can be selected through the online registrations.

Exhibition Opening
Rosa Arbeit auf Goldener Straße

On Friday evning from 19.00 onwards at xhibit, the exhibition rooms of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, will be hosting the opening of an exhibition as part of the project Dildo Anus Macht: Queere Abstraktion.

Project leaders and ymposium concept: Hans Scheirl, Ruby Sircar

Exhibition curators: Christiane Erharter, Dietmar Schwärzler

About the project:
The concept "queer" is meanwhile omnipresent and lives from its immanently constructed complexity. What exactly is meant by it remains therefore often unspecific and depends on the users and context. The exhibition project takes as a starting point a definition posited by Judith Halberstam: "queer refers to nonnormative logics and organizations of community, sexual identity, embodiment, and activity in space and time." The exhibition title Rosa Arbeit auf Goldener Straße makes reference to an earlier, disarming short film by Rosa von Praunheim: In Rosa Arbeiter auf Goldener Straße II (1968), a young woman flees from the (former) East block to the West and finds shelter in the bourgeois art milieu. This transgression, also intended in a political sense, is the motif of the exhibition, which also includes works from artists of post-socialist countries. There is still a dominant idea that these countries' queer art production lacks visibility.

The project Dildo Anus Macht: Queere Abstraktion, along with the exhibition Rosa Arbeit auf Goldener Straße, also includes a four-day symposium (22 - 25 November 2012) on the theme of queerness in everyday life and work. Questions on gender relations and difference will be negotiated, as well as questions of post-pornographic and post-colonial content, within the background of material and artistic necessities. Judith/Jack Halberstam, Nikita Dhawan, Tim Stüttgen, Eliza Steinbock, Antke Engel, Gini/i Müller, Maria Llopis, Sushila Mesquita, among others, have been invited as speakers and workshop leaders.

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