Keynote speaker

Bernard Stiegler

Bernard Stiegler, President of Ars Industrialis, is a Director of the Institute for Research and Innovation at the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris, a Professorial Fellow at the Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmith College in London and a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Technology of Compiègne.

Before taking up the post at the Pompidou Centre, he was Programme Director at the International College of Philosophy (Ciph), Deputy Director General of the Institut national de l’audiovisuel (INA), and finally Director General at the Institut de recherche et coordination acoustique/musique (IRCAM).

Bernard Stiegler has published widely on philosophy, technology, digitisation, capitalism and consumer culture. Among his various writings, his three volumes of La Technique et Le Temps (English Translation: Technics and Time), the book Acting Out (English translation by David Barison, Daniel Ross and Patrick Crogan), his two volumes of De La Misère Symbolique, three volumes of Mécréance et Discrédit, two volumes of Constituer l'Europe and Prendre soin. De la jeunesse et des générations (English Translation: Taking Care) are particularly well known.

Professor Stiegler has a long-term engagement with the relation between technology and philosophy, not only in a theoretical sense, but also situating them as practices in industry and society. He is one of the founders of the Ars Industrialis group, based in Paris, which calls for an industrial politics of spirit by exploring the possibilities of the technology of spirit in order to bring forth a new ‘life of the mind’. He has published extensively on the problem of individuation in consumer capitalism and he is currently working on the new possibility of an economy of contribution.

Closing Plenary Panel

Patrick Acogny

Choreographer, dancer, pedagogue and researcher, Patrick Acogny specialises in the techniques of contemporary and traditional African dances and has a solid background in the techniques of contemporary Western dance. He is Associate Artistic Director at Germaine Acogny’s École des Sables in Senegal as well as a teacher and a research fellow at Paris 8 University.

Dr. Shashikant Barhanpurkar

Professor & Head, Department of Dramatics, B.A.M. University (Aurangabad, India)

A commonwealth scholar, Ph.D, in dramatics from Manchester University U.K. Post graduate course in community theatre from Rose Bruford College of speech and drama UK. Ph.D in zoology from BAMU (Aurangabad, India).

Dr. Barahanpurkar is a theatre director of repute many of his plays were performed all over the India. Apart from contemporary theatre he is closely associated with Indian traditional theatre, as a founder president of Marathwada Lokotsav, a forum promoting Indian folk theatre. His major contribution in the public realm is the combination of forum theatre and Indian traditional theatre to effectively reach rural India and children.

Amina Dickerson

As President of Dickerson Global Advisors, Amina serves as coach, strategist, speaker and counselor to individuals and organizations in the philanthropic and not-for-profit sectors. This work builds on three decades of distinguished service in philanthropy, cultural programming, and arts management. She has held leadership posts with museums, theaters and in corporate philanthropy and holds a graduate degree in Arts Management.

Hanne Smidt

Senior Advisor at the European University Association (EUA)

Hanne Smidt is a Senior Adviser at the European University Association (EUA) and has been involved in a wide range of activities and projects such as Quality Culture, Joint Master, Doctoral Programmes, Creativity and the Master’s study, the European Universities Charter on Lifelong Learning, and most recently as the co-author of the comprehensive study Trends 2010: A decade of change in European Higher Education.
She runs an independent higher-education consultancy (Hanne Smidt Consulting), the main focus of which has been the Bologna process, inclusive and responsive universities and quality assurance.

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