Papers and presentations

We are in the process of receiving and processing all papers from the 11th ELIA Biennial. If your paper is not yet there, please contact us.


1. Upheavals in the landscape of Higher Arts Education in Europe

Frans van Vught:
U-map and U-multirank: Two new transparency tools

2. Artistic research in Europe 2010: A necessary dialogue of users and stakeholders

Klaas Tindemans:
The document as performance

Kerstin Mey
It takes two to tango

Timothy Emlyn Jones
Art research as creative process


5. Emergent social media and new educational initiatives

Laurence Ridell and Lynda Devenney:
New learning spaces

Hyunjung Bae
The wikiest link: Intentionally informal use of SNS for post class discussion


6. HEARTH - Regeneration of cities and the role of art schools

Kevin Henry:
Craftivism: reconnecting art and design education through the social act of making

Petr Oslzly
The function of theatres and theatre schools in creating the human dimension of the city

7. Writing the story: narrative trails in academic writing

Franziska Nyfenegger
Becoming friends with the ABC

Maziar Raein et al.
Narrative trails in academic writing

Discipline sessions


Johan Verbeke and Adam Jakimowicz
Designing a prime

Fine Art and Curating

Sissel Lillebostad
The daily practice of imagining things differently

Rob Flint and Lucy Renton
The Curriculum is Out There

Isidro López-Aparicio
Mapping and naming Oriental Sahara
Paradoxia, created by ILA (presentation of Paradox)


Andrew Kulman:
Authorial practices in graphic art education


Henrik Frisk:
Time and reciprocity in improvisation

Gérard Pape:
A “polyagogic” approach to the use of the computer in music pedagogy

Film and New Media

Andrea Braidt
Why feminist film theory should matter to art students

Per Zetterfalk
Seven remarks on artistic research

Tim Middleton
Where's the timetable? making space and the dissolution of discipline boundaries

International Relations

Philip Courtenay
Move photons not people

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