Strand 2

Qualifications Frameworks:

learning, teaching, quality assurance and enhancement

Leading partner institution: Institute of Art & Design, Birmingham City University in cooperation with Dublin Institute of Technology
Chair: John Butler in cooperation with Kieran Corcoran

Strand 2 provided a distinct focus on quality assurance, which was seen as a means to enhance the quality of learning and teaching, especially the student experience and to make artschools fit for change and sustainable in a climate of national and international threats.

As of 2004 peer reviews carried out within the framework of inter}artes had a major impact and a panel trained experts developed from this exercise. The terminology of ‘critical friends’ and ´mutual learnig´ had developed in the previous network to show that the trained peers visited institutions that voluntarily invited us with a non-judgmental role but to rather mirror the institution’s own goals and means to reach them. Through this mirroring process based on a set of simple questions (What are you trying to do? How are doing it? How do you know it works? And: What do you do in order to improve? ) a situation of mutual learning arose. Both teachers/school leaders involved in the reviews and the visiting experts/colleagues realized that a change process is not limited to formal quality assurance procedures but affects the role of art teachers, management structures, student approaches, the relation with the surrounding environments and perspectives of graduates. The schools started to use the terms ‘critical friends’ and ‘mutual learning’ as the core of the networks efforts.

An experts training at Birmingham City University, 29 April – 2 May 2008 extended the pool of experts to 19.

The visit to Akdeniz University provided a chance to work with newly trained experts and reflect at a workshop with all major Turkish art schools in Ankara (Hacettepe University, 26-27 March 2009) on the impact of working within a Qualifications Framework.

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