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The 'E' in ELIA

04 May 2017

ELIA remains committed to its international, collaborative perspective. However, despite Brexit and growing EU scepticism within Europe, ELIA maintains a long-held conviction in its European identity.

For ELIA, 'Europe' includes the geographical entity of the countries represented in the Council of Europe[1].  ELIA is determined to include members of all these countries in its activities. Furthermore, ELIA considers Europe a space in which diversity, a shared history, democracy and freedom of expression determine the motivation and dynamics to collaborate across national borders.

ELIA also remains philosophically and strategically committed to the idea of the European Union that has brought 70 years of peace and solidarity to its member states. More than ever ELIA aims to take a leading role in developing support and advocacy for culture, art and design education, and research in European policies, as a crucial means to sustain a joint European future.
Europe's diversity empowers, innovates and supports ELIA members and guides ELIA's coordinated stakeholders' processes.  ELIA remains committed to continuing to do so in the future.

[1] ELIA accepts full members from the following countries http://www.coe.int/en/web/about-us/our-member-states

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