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Through the inspiration and ideas of young arts graduates, Higher Arts Education brings long-lasting value to today's changing world. It is here, in these laboratories for the development of ideas in the Arts and society that emerging artists are prepared.

At the European League of Institutes of the Arts, ELIA, our mission is to uphold the rich diversity of cultures and foster communication between European and non-European partners in a global cultural society.

ELIA was founded in 1990 and has organised events in cities from Los Angeles to Budapest and Helsinki to Barcelona. ELIA is an international think tank for arts, culture, arts education and their connections with policy development. ELIA is a centre of excellence and knowledge; promoting innovation, creativity and development of the use of new technologies in the arts.

Why is ELIA looking for corporate partners?

We want to do so much more. There are many valued potential members from less developed countries who are not able to take advantage of ELIA.
We need to:
  • support institutions that cannot presently afford membership
  • help third world countries develop higher arts education
  • invest in development projects with new European Union members
  • re-invest in staff development for member institutions


For more information, please contact ELIA Head of Communications and Membership Barbara Revelli at


Corporate Partner Benefits


  • through our many publications, websites and events, your company name and information will reach more than 250,000 students in the arts and more than 75,000 key staff at more than 350 institutions in over 45 countries
  • your company name prominently at conferences, symposia and workshops and linked with the European Union endorsed projects
  • opportunities for exclusive project association


  • Invitations to key ELIA events
  • Opportunities for VIP activities


  • Access to ELIA member experts in areas such as problem-solving methods, staff development, creative thinking, the consequences of the Bologna Declaration, quality enhancement
  • Access to the ELIA network and database through this website.

Beulingstraat 8
1017BA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone nr. +31(0)20 330 1116

Office hours:
Monday - Friday from 09.30 - 17.30

Privacy Policy

ELIA's activities are funded with support of the European Commission. The website reflects the view only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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