Films from Languages Through Lenses 2011

The importance of speaking two languages
Yael Leibel & Marco Resa (IT)

Missing the Train
Lubomir Draganov & Dimitar Kostov (BG)

Muhabbat Huiskamp & Jitte Hoekstra (NL)

Café Alfa
Barbara Herz (CZ)

Jakub Burakiewicz & Alicja Maria Petruszka (PL)

Common Verses
Steffen Boseckert & Christoph Kirchner  (DE)

Dance with Languages
Silvia Cunha & Pedro Gonçalves (PT)

It’ll be Alright
Giulia Ghiani (UK)

It’s OK !
Lyubomira Kostova & Sava Komitski (BG)

Madonna on the rocks
John Merry & Justine Ostrowska (UK)

One day of the tourist
Dániel Gābor Szandtner & Péter Szeiler (HU)

Parrot Peeter Aurelius
Anti Naulainen & Ando Naulainen (EE)

The Labyrinth of Language
Gerard Dunleavy & Adam McAllister (UK)

The story of a Goat and a Cottage
Klāra Sodomkovā & Martin Jůza (CZ)

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